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A bro that just flat out sucks at life. Consistently all about the pussy, and is more then willing to put the pussy in front of his bros. Has no idea how to blaze, literally a rookie. Torches bowls (straight up cashing center of bowl, and then fails to clear the chamber, wasting all the bud), pulls filters out, and drops Js on command. Pretty much fails to go hard for extended periods of time. Is always late for shit, takes forever to get ready and/or just has no concept of time or commitment at all. After being around people or a place for too long, usually more then a few minutes, will contaminate the place and bros in it, forcing grade As to unwillingly and subconsciously make less then Grade A moves. Pretty much a leech to whatever bros he’s hanging around. Nothing more then a cancerous cell and parasite to all Grade As. A bro that just no matter what can't make a single Grade A move no matter how hard he tries. Leaves his boys hangin all the time, to the point where you can predict his next grade D move. Basically a grade F but for some reason you and all your grade A boys take pity on him and refer to him as D as if to inspire some false hope that maybe one day he'll make a decision that would include any or all of the following: pulling through for his boys, hooking them up with a banger, smoking them down, introducing them to the limited pussy he knows, or just making a selfless grade A move to help a fellow grade A out no matter what the situation or cost.
1)Grade D bro drops fully packed bowl all over the floor
Grade A: "Fuckin grade D man"

2) Grade D: "Yo guys I think I'm gonna take the whole summer off from blazing"

3) Grade D: "Yo man ill be there in ten"

Grade A: "Yo it been an hour where are you"

Grade D: "Shit my bad ive been at this other party for like a half hour its so cool and theres all these hot girls...Cya" hangs up like nothings wrong

4)Grade A to fellow Grade A: "Damn that was a nice roll dude, to bad that fucking grade D chiefed that shit 17 times in a row, sucked out the filter, and then tossed it half way through"

5) Grade A: "I'm starting to feel like a huge bitch like im about to be all about the pussy, I dont feel like going hard, and I just wanna hoe out all my boys for no reason"
Other Grade A: " Dude its cause that fucking grade D has been here for like 3 minutes hes a fucking cancerous cell dude this whole place is contaminated."
by GRADE A BRO June 25, 2010
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