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A tall gorgeous girl. She is well known by everyone for her amazing voice and sparkling personality. even if she didnt know u, she would hug you if you were sad. you will definitely notice when she walks by you and you would know her bubbly laugh anywhere. she is popular, and has lots of friends, and is sweet and funny and talks to anyone. sooo may guys love and admire her and yet she's single. she is a cheerleader and loves to dance and sing her heart out. her best frieds will tell u that any guy she likes is pretty spectacular cause i mean who else could she like? she has brown, wavy hair that always looks perfect and the cutest dash of freckles across her nose and cheeks. her face is the prettiest u have ever seen, especially when shes smiling which is often. she can always make you laugh and is the best person in the whole world.
by kp337 December 20, 2013
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