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1. One who runs the nation (into the ground) while really going by his or her own agenda. In modern times, the Govfag is celebritized by the media (controlled by Govfags) and spends the majority of his or her time by limiting the freedoms of the people, abusing powers, indulging in prostitution, enjoying corruption, and by thinking of how many different ways he can waste tax-payers' dollars. Govfags come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually rich, close-minded, and completely clueless on what is best for the majority of nation. Govfags live in excess and are adept at lying and embezzling.
2. One who should fear the people and imminent revolution.
"I find it ironic that the Govfags are perpetuating and implementing the same essential tyranny that the forefathers fought for freedom from."

"America: Land of the free*...and home of the Govfags."
*terms and restrictions apply

"My computer is running slow. It must be the Govfags invading my privacy."

"Fuck democracy!", proclaimed the Govfag.
by AnonymousWasTaken April 18, 2012
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