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Where a person of gothic style appearance is photographed, whether intentionally or accidentally, with a group of other people who look ordinary in comparison. The person in question may not necessarily consider themselves a goth, but their indie or alternative appearance may lead the general public to incorrectly deem them a goth. Such an appearance would include a pale complexion, predominantly black clothing, brothel creeper shoes and, for girls, very dark makeup and lipstick etc.
Has a similarity to photo bombing.

Also applies when a group of people who all have a gothic style appearance enter a smart or mainstream drinking establishment, and therefore do not represent the typical clientele. As such, the group will stand out and their presence may gain attention from, or irritate, the normal clientele in the venue.
You really goth bombed that photo.

Let's go goth bomb that nightclub.
by Top-man August 14, 2012
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