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When a piece of fecal matter is stuck in your buttocks and contains undigested spiciness that causes uncomfortable burning. Often occurs when peppers or jalapenos are consumed. This embarrassing condition will normally befuddle a person. Not knowing why their ass is burning, they will often return to the washroom to "wipe" again, at which point they will find out they had a piece of hot pepper, or something akin to it, stuck in their rectum. A common ailment among people who dine at Cajun restaurants. Makes driving particularly difficult.
"Man, I ate at Slow's restaurant last night and got the Gumbo. It was awesome. But I got me a burner the next day and could't walk."

"I was walking funny after the date. She just didn't know I got me a burner from the jalapeno poppers."

"I thought my hemorrhoids were bad enough. Then I got a burner."
by Angrymanatee April 06, 2014
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