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Textology, derived from the texting term: Str82VM, which means 'Straight to voicemail'. It's used when you call someone and their phone doesn't ring, rather it goes straight to voicemail.
Dude1: Hey Rod, I was just down at the store and I thought I saw your girl gettin in some dude's car. Looked like she was creepin'!

Dude2: Bitch, stop playin'! Can't play like that!

Dude1: Call her then and see what's up!

Dude2: Bet! (he calls his girl, but phone goes straight to voicemail). Damn! Phone didn't even ring!

Dude1: Daaaaammmmnnn! That chic 82'd ya ass! She creepin!

Dude2: Shit! I got 82'd!
by Liqr1 August 20, 2010
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