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An Australian cost liver term used to describe dirty teenagers who wear dirty/old nike white hat witch is now brown and smelly and tilted upright revealing the front of their seedy unwashed hair with the strap at the back done up tight it gives them headaches witch makes them angry,they were striped ripped unclean polo shirt with bong stains form there last brew with a popped up collar and trackies from lowes or shorts that have been shoved in ther fannypack/bumbag with out a securitytag on , with falling apart Tnz,lads from gossy are usuly chasing (looking) for a brew or scabing 50c and cigarettes for a pay phone call to other lads to see if they want to put in for a brew ther life revolves around geting drugs and taking them at different lad or dealers houses,most gossy lads think they are the toughest thing yet and will bash any one but are to bong withered and to stoned to do anything unless on ice,they talk about rolling people loud at the station,on trains they begin two carve,scrach,peminit texter on doors,windows,seats of train,its rear to see a gossy lad with a job,the female gossy lad is call a las witch is generally much the same but with bagger clouths and loud all the time and sleeps around with all of the lads coursing her black eyes and breeding burses on her legs,both lad and las are floul mouthed every second word such as cunt,fuckwit,fucking cunt ect ,they also refer to each other by lad
Insulation to beicoming a gossy lad

A)Roll enough people to earn $250 to get a pair of Tns
B)Get a centerlink loan for a pair of Tns
C)Bash another lad for hes Tns

A)Quick hide ure ciggerts theres a buch of gossy lads coming

B)Guy1:Are you keen to get a brew ?
Guy2:Nar man i dont want two get ripped off 5 gams

C)Guy!: want to go to gosford to day ?
Guy2: no way i just got new shoes

D)Guy:1 hey man were are you going ?
Guy2: to the hospitil i just nocked a gossy lad out and my nuckel is bleeding i dont know what i have cort

Guy:huh ? *looks around to see were it came from *
Lad:What the fuck are you looking at lad !!

Guy:I was tieing my shoe
Lad:That right ! nexed time ill shank ya lad !
by Lets breed May 09, 2010
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