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Possibly the greatest threat ever to be discovered. These huge beasts can grow to over 15 feet tall are extremely smart and deadly strong. They are known to attack without warning charging straight at their opponent at blazing speed. Despite the massive body of the Gorrilabear is quite nimble and can jump great distances. This beasts habits and culture remain a mystery mostly due to all encounters with them ending quickly with death or horrendous injury and insanity.
As Kyle was walking through the jungle he turned a corner and knew he was doomed. Standing right in front of him was a Gorillabear standing at 4 times Kyle's height. In one swift motion the Gorillabear leaped onto a branch above Kyle and came down right on top of him claws extended. Kyle managed to poop himself right before the massive Gorillabear claws penetrated his skull causing instant death.
by OBCD June 14, 2009
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A hairy person who looks like a mixture between a gorilla, and a bear. Often moody, and bitchy.
Man, That gorilla bear stole my lunch again!


Amie! She gets mad at everything. She's a fuckin' gorilla bear.
by donotello August 17, 2005
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A beastly, massive and hairy creature.
" Book and Amie, damn those gorilla bears! In the eighth grade, they were at it in the woods behind my house. I found fur trails everywhere. AND THEY BROKE MY RAZOR!!!!"
by Elijah Thornberry August 04, 2005
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