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An incredibly harsh, violent, non-rhythmic hand-job.Motion should give the impression of primates in the jungle or at the zoo. Also known as a "2001" in reference to the opening scene in the movie.
" Oh man, I got so wasted last night I let this Fugly give me a Gorilla fist behind the bar! I can barely walk today...."
by Adam Basich April 13, 2008
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Putting pepper on a girls pillow so when you fuck her, her head goes into the pillow and she sneezes, gripping your dick like a gorilla fist
Dan-I had a really good time last night

Ryan-did you get to try gorilla fisting
Dan-yeah and I thought I broke my dick but it felt amazing
by DankeyChong February 09, 2018
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When in the act of having sex(usually doggy style) and the male punches the girl in the back of the head.
Person 1: My head really hurts.
Person 2: What happened?
Person 1: I got gorilla fisted!
by Dejuan Shelton December 04, 2010
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;The Buldging lump located in the crotch of a human male that is visibly similar in appearance to the silverback Gorilla's Fist which is capable of delivering unbelievably powerful blows to watever it comes into contact with and certainly ruins any office it penetrates leaving it gaping so wide echos can be heard and no known cases have reported recovering wat so ever, or the male version of the Camel Toe!
Sally: OMG Sammy Look at the Gorilla Fist on that S.O.B.!
Sammy: DAMNNN, My Camel Toe & I are going to challenge him & his Gorilla Fist to a thumb wrestling tournament so get outta my way You fu*#%n Cow!
by Vendetta Fist October 24, 2017
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