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A phrase named after the ex-counselor and (in chronological order) Prime minister of the United Kingdom for loosing money , keeping your money scattered all over the floor, having no money management skills or compleatly fucking something up financialy
Person A: Oh shit, I just Gordon Brown'd my five pound note!
Person B: Oh no!
Person B: How much money do you have?
Person A: I have no idea; all the money I have is scattered around my bedroom floor and is in twenty pence pieces.
Person B: You Idiot! Did you sell all our gold reserves when gold was at it's lowest price!?
Person A: Oops, sorry, I guess I just Gordon Brown'd
Person B: You just spent £100000 in investing in cardboard tubes!?

Person A: Yes, it's a good investment due to the fact toilet roll sales are increasing.
Person B: You Fucktard we are going to go bankrupt; you just Gordon Brown'd us!
by Cameron8276 December 28, 2010
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