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Gopher lets you search for resources using menus. It originated at the University of Minnesota which has (as you guessed it) a gopher for a mascot. Insted of accessing with the adress of the domain, you select any entry in a gopher menu and like the human "gofers' of the world, Gopher goes out for the material you want. Gopher is like a regular library subject catalog and it will search for the holdings of many libraries for your subject.
gopher which is the Cornell Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School.

edu - educational institute

other domain adresses are as follows:
com - commercial and buisness
gov - government institutions
mil - military institutions
net - network recorces
org - other organizations

If you're confused thus still on how gopher searches operate. See your system administrator, media specialist, brilliant friend or librarian for help!
by Gophergeanspeachykeens November 06, 2012
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