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A person who comments on a situation or offers solutions without any significant prior knowledge of the situation. As a result, they usually get the wrong end of things and offer incorrect or inaccurate opinions. Can also be used to refer to incompetent, delusional, bumbling or buffoonish people. Occasionally used to describe someone who makes up rules to games in order to allow themselves to win. A goose detective is usually genuine in their delusions, however, rather than trying to troll people or screw people over.
"He lectured me at length about how his computer wasn't turning on, yet he never checked to make sure it was plugged in. He's such a goose detective."

"You have to own all the properties of the same colour before you can build any houses on them."
"Really? I didn't think you did."
"You do; it says so here in the rules."
"I'm sure you don't have to! I'm going to build a house here anyway."
"You're such a goose detective!"
by Cooltrainer Hugh July 12, 2012
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