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Goopty Jcuz is an icon of Generation Z. He is high all the time, does not give one single fuck, and will never trip over a bitch. His DNA can be traced back to the biblical legend, the burning bush.

He breathes only thc, his sweat contains LSD, and his saliva and blood have high concentrations of mdma. His presence in itself is said to make you feel highly intoxicated and his nut is said to be the closest thing to extraterrestrial drugs.
Man 1: Do you smell that?
Man 2: Yea cuzzo it smells like straight GAS
Man 1 (shouting): YO WHO GOT THE MF BUD???
Goopty Jcuz as he casually transcends the multiverses, manifests in front of man 1 and man 2 in a glorious cloud of marijuana smoke: β€œYou are sober my son? Smoke this.”
Man 1 and man 2: β€œThanks goopty jcuz!”
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by Gooptionary August 08, 2019
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