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A common pseudonym for "Gainesville" High School, located in the realest town ever, Gainesville. GHS is full of gangstas, pimps,hos', respected women, two foot tall substitue teachers, and uncool white people. It's not as hood as Eastside High, but not as rich and white as Buchholz High.

Most alumni of GHS graduate with a degree in being real, and get all the ladies. It may have some crazy teachers, but the freshmen are fresh, the sophomores are soft, and the juniors and seniors don't care.

It's best sports team is cross country, where all the runners gallop like gazelles and never say die. Cambridge kids think they're better than everyone else, even though they're not, and the coolest staff are the smack talkin janitors. Overall GHS isn't the best, but it sure busts a cap in the rest.
Homie: Where did you go for high school?

Gangsta: Goonsville High school.

Homie:That's straight G!
by Jaims Kelvins December 05, 2009
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