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A family organization/movement to intimidate opponents with their sly skills as they gradually take over the world, threatens to barricade the throat of your avidity, a group that associates the disturbed and the physically pleasing, to make others have the need to relinquish with the Goonies flow of eloquence and ruthless personalities. Also, Feel intense or passionate dislike for basics, ratchets and those who are thirsty. Yet, they low-key tend to love and care for those who are worth it and are about the fam/organization. In order to be apart of the Goonie Movement, you MUST go through initiation and/or be a ride or die.

See the following words if confused: ruthless, trust, family, fresh, delinquents, commitment, non-basic, thugs, classy, trill, illest, ill, real as fuck
Girl: Can I be a Goonie or apart of the Goonie Movement?

Goonie Member: No. The thirst is real.
by goon1enation September 25, 2012
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