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A dude who's stupidity knows no bounds and is able to annoy friend and foe alike. A barrack room lawyer who is constantly threatening to sue almost everyone he meets. As an adholescent he was known as Mr punch and grope but now suffers with self inflicted myopia.
The most famous gooner of all time
by ManYooMan January 07, 2005
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......also prone to "big himself up" by voting for himself in ballots such as these see above His Employment and Matrimonial claims are straight from an episode of Only Fools & Horses, his personality being a cross between Del boy and Trigger calls himself tiger because he can't spell tr... Allthough a loner, has several egoes and therefore several friends.
My bad?? I seek counsel, for counsel hasn't voted for me yet!!
by ManYooMan January 12, 2005
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