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Derived from the Cantonese slang, which literally means "Buddha soldier." It's chinese slang used as a noun to describe that that a guy is doing favors for a girl in which he has a crush on, and hoping to gain her affection in return by being nice and available to her.

However, the girl, in return, would treat him as a tool when she needs a guy to talk to, provide her favours, and to company her other selfish needs when her boyfriend or someone she sees is not available to her, and that never would never be the "Goon Yum Bing" himself.

A "Goon Yum Bing" is quite simular to a Cuddle Bitch, in which a guy whom a girl chooses to cuddle, spoon, watch movies, and/or to share her feelings with, but will never get to engage in any kind of sexual relations with the girl. He usually makes up for the lack of intimacy in that females relationship.

A "Goon Yum Bing" usually have low self-esteem and won't have the guts to decline the girl's request, thus making him being used in every way possible. The girl usually knows that the "Goon Yum Bing" likes her but she will continue to use him, further solidifying his status as a "Goon Yum Bing."

In the end, if the "Goon Yum Bing" manages to dig up his courage to confess his feelings to her, he will surely get rejected regardless if she is single or not.
1. Jack Liu is a true Goon Yum Bing. He does endless favors for Karen and patiently waits for her call every night while she is sucking some other guy's cock during that moment.

2. Quit doing favours and being so nice to her! She is just takng advantage of you by making you as her Goon Yum Bing.
by Jack Liu November 01, 2007
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