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When there's a group of hot chicks, slam pigs no doubt, it often includes one girl who is fuckin ugly. This is the goon bitch. She is not only less attractive, but she is also a massive (not literally, necessarily) cock block. Consequently, she spends a lot of time interrupting your conversations with the hot girls.

The two major qualifications, provided that she is in a group of hot chicks, are heinousness and a Ph. D in Cock Blockery.
Pirate #1: Ahoy! Slam pigs!
Pirate #2: Avast Matey, beware the goon bitch!!
by Mike Fellatio November 15, 2005
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When doing drugs there will always be that person who lays down where ever they are and won't do shit. This person is a goonbitch. Goonbitches usually care only about themselves and make no effort to hide it. Most will try to take advantage of you in some way or cause you trouble in an activity.
Goon bitch: "Yo you think you could spot me for that green we just smoked?"
Friend: "Man I've spotted your ass like 50 times you goon bitch."
by Mr. Peezy June 23, 2009
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