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Googolplexian factorial (googolplexian!) multiplied by googol divided by pi to the power of googolvundaplex (a googolplex with a "decillion-2 more plexes", taken from Googology Wiki).

Then take that number and add it to googoldecaplex factorial multiplied by googod to the power of fzgoogolplex (googol 10's and googolplex to the power of googolplex, respectively, both also taken from Googology Wiki). Next, multiply that by the number of Google search results, or g taken that day. Finally, have your most energetic friend write at least five hundred more zeros next to the number before leaving.

As an (approximate, word form when necessary) equation, it would be written out like this:

(10^{10^(10^100)})!*{10^100/π}^googolvundaplex) + googoldecaplex!*(googod^{googolplex^googolplex})*g and add ≥500 zeros
Googolception is one of the world's bigger numbers.
by Metallurgic Bliss July 12, 2012
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