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When you see a Social Media comment or conversation about a subject unfamiliar to you, so you quickly put the keywords into Google so you seem far more intelligent about your opinion when you reply.
"I didn't know who Zeus was, so I opened a new window and Googletrolled him."
by DetroitLew November 03, 2015
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A fun time-wasting game where the player(s) allow themselves a number of keywords and try to find a combination of terms that returns the least number of results. If you can return one web page, you win. This game gets harder as the internet gets bigger.
A: 12 minutes till class starts. Want to play google trolling?

B: Sure. Three words? I'm starting with feverfew panda saltine....

Damn it, 5000 hits.
by FlySammyJ July 23, 2011
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