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* Googlepate /ˈguːgəlpeɪt/, verb: 1. To use an obscure term without defining it, on the assumption that the reader will google it. 2. Implicitly calling upon an external reference.
* Googlepation /ˈguːgəlpeɪʃən/, noun: The act of googlepating.
* Googlepated /ˈguːgəlpeɪtɛd/, verb: Past participle of googlepate; adjective: Difficult or impossible to interpret without Google; "The document was too heavily googlepated to interpret on the spot."
* Metagooglepation /'meː.taguːgəlpeɪʃən/, noun: Use of the term googlepation or its derivatives without providing a link or definition.
"The near ubiquity of pocketable web devices has led to the increasing use of verbal googlepation."
by Simon Funk December 08, 2008
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