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Making Google your homepage, installing the Toolbar and downloading and using as many tools from Google as possible. You are now one with the Googlective. Assistance is mutual, Microsoft is irrelevant. They will be assimilated to service us. We will add your websurfing, email and pictures to our own. You will adapt to use only our services. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!
Dude1: Man, Microsoft costs a nut to buy, so I got a Google account, email and started using their programs. That Toolbar and Picasa are the nugget as well!
Dude2: Welcome to the Googlective! I have everything on my Google Account. I can access it anywhere in the galaxy...I mean in the world, heh heh heh
Dude1: Why does your right arm look like an egg beater humping a VCR? <scream>
by Emerald Druid October 18, 2007
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