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1. Someone who is astoundingly familiar with the workings of various Google products and services, and tells all of their friends about the such products.

2. Someone who uses various Google products and services way too much to be considered normal. Products used include but are not limited to- Google Earth, Google Scholar, Google News (a personalized home/news page is a must for a Google nerd), Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Books, Google Video, Google Talk and Google Catalogs.
Person 1: "Dude, did you see I emailed you a Google voice message about how I saw my house on Google Maps and then found a corresponding satellite image on Google Earth? I tried to talk to you on Google talk, but I was too busy looking through articles on Google Scholar and Google News while reconfiguring my Google Desktop and adjusting my Google Calendar to pay attention when you responded. You also should check out this sweet video of our Spanish project that I put up on Google Video."

Person 2: "You are such a Google nerd"
by Google Fiend December 18, 2006
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