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A Google Foul occurs when someone, during the course of an email exchange (or other, non-live conversation), takes a time out to Google something and then re-enters the conversation as an expert on the topic, pretending they knew the info all along.
Dad: Hey son, whatcha' listening to?

Son (without removing oversized headphones): Just some really cool mash ups I found"

(Interlude as Dad runs to his computer, Googles "mash up" and then Googles "Top ten mash ups all time".) Then later...

Dad: Yeah, Son, you should check out the mash up of Rick Astley and Nirvanna, it's totally rad. Mash ups are really cool."

Son: I call a Google Foul. That one is really old and you didn't even know what a mash up WAS yesterday, did you?"

Dad: (Slinks away mumbling about interest rates and the global economic crisis. )
by G-othermal February 10, 2012
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