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A celebrity's 'gayness score' as determined by Google's auto-complete feature. The first 10 results this auto-complete feature shows are in turn based on the public's searches when looking up info on a celebrity they suspect is gay or whose relationship status/sexual orientation they are curious about.

Based on an online article written by Steve Sailer titled 'Google Gaydar' and a reaction of a commenter to said article.
(N.B. examples are bits from the original article)

Ex. 1:
When you type in “Bill Murray” and hit the space bar, Google offers you the 10 most popular ways to complete the search phrase (e.g., “Bill Murray movies” and “Bill Murray net worth”). None of the 10 suggestions for Murray includes the word “gay.”
When you type “Bill Murray g.” You’ll get ten g-word suggestions such as “Ghostbusters 3,” “Garfield,” and “golf,” but once again, not “gay.”

Thus, on a 0-100 scale, Bill Murray's Google gayness is 0.

Ex. 2:
When you type in “Kevin Spacey,” the word “gay” is immediately proposed as the single most efficient suggestion to finish your search. So Spacey's Google gayness is 100.

Methodology alert: the Google gayness scale is set so that if the first prompt offered is “gay,” the score is 100. If it’s the second prompt they score 90, the third 80, and so forth. If none of the ten auto-completions is “gay,” then add the letter “g” after the celebrity's name, with one point for each ranking up from the bottom.
by QuinnVK September 27, 2012
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