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A number produced from a googeed equation which has been created or modified to nurture and excite a person's willingness to thrive and question their own existence without questioning the googeed number's existence.
' "What's your googee for the day?" "I got a 24.", " Well I got 43.7E-13." "Bromley got a 1!", "Wooooooow, amazing!" '

' "I hope I get a 37 as my googee!" "Well would you be upset if it were a 37.37?" "Maybe.", "Well then maybe it's not a googee." '

' "After googeeing my already googees equation, I still got the same googee! What a _____ day today will be(.)/(!)/(?)/(interobang)" '

' "I doubt your googee was a googal. You probably should preform a Gooey now." '
by Jason E. Andreoli May 18, 2008
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