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1.a dumb cunt that can't do any thing
2.a group of dumbasses(normally men in groups of 5
3.Disco lovers (insalt)
4.Dick suckers(normally gay)
5.someone who hates SpongeBob and should be frowned upon
6.someone who loves spongebob squarepants (good meaning)
1.That goofersnobs is a in for the ching ching and will do the bang bang for it
2.those goofersnobs support a color gangs and they are goofersnobs snobs(#4)
3.those goofersnobs are a disgrace to mankind
4.those goofersnobs love sucking cherry lollypops with iceing in the middle
5.that goofersnobs should have never existed in the first place
6.that goofersnobs is so awsome
by Buttfaxe June 04, 2018
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