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RACISTS BEWARE: Goodbye Uncle Tom is a 1971 shockumentary film made by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi in which they pretend to go back in time and "document" American slavery in the 19th century. It's been called the most vile film ever made. It includes rapes, castrations, young black girls dancing in the nude for possible male buyers.

It's nasty as shit, hard to sit through without vomiting, and yet, the most accurate depiction of slavery yet. Everything re-enacted in the movie is based on something that actually happened in history. Go check it out. It'll put you on your ass.
"I just watched Goodbye Uncle Tom. I need to go rinse my mouth out."

"All you racist dickwads should be forced to watch Goodbye Uncle Tom. It'll make you shut the fuck up."
by WhiteGuilt October 29, 2012
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