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A whore that know the rules of being a worthless tramp. SHe knows that the married man she is screwing has zero respect for her, knows he only want/needs her for sex and "dirty" sex, this mistress also knows that the man will never leave his wife for a slut like herself. She knows her place that wife is always first. The mistress also knows that 1 day a week, no phone calls, no texting, no messages IS the only way to go.
The MOST important rule is to KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT! If a whore forgets even 1 rule, they are not a good mistress. If the whore forgets and talks about the affair she deserves to have the wife whoop her ass AND public humiliation so everyone who will listen will know what a worthless deviod human being you really are!
Man "ya, girl.......your such a good mistress, my wife won't suck my cock after I put it in her ass!"

"Thanks, sweetie for keeping your mouth closed when my wife called you, now open it and do what a good mistress does!"

"Shut up whore, I told you NOT to call my house you are NOT a good mistress!!"
by MikeytheTRUTH December 10, 2009
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