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An internet meme appearing on 4chan, Reddit, and other sites about the classiest guy around, called Good Guy Greg, inspired the users to give good girls the nickname Gregoria. The meme of Good Guy Greg involves a photo of a smiling, confident, stubbled guy smoking a joint and giving a friendly reassuring look toward the camera. On top of this photo, people will write of Good Guy Greg's classy deeds. He borrows your car and returns it with a full tank of gas. He parties with you on your birthday but never tells anyone about how you puked on yourself. He comes over for dinner and washes the dishes. He is better than you in every way, but never talks about it and makes you feel better about yourself instead.

Good Girl Gregoria is the female version of that guy.
Good Girl Gregoria: Borrows $5. Pays you back $10.
by Memory Lane January 04, 2012
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