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Good Ass Days - When a days goes perfectly from the way you wake up in the morning to how you go to sleep. During a Good Ass Day, multiple series of good ass events will take place that will keep a smile on your face.

Bad Ass Days - A day so fucking bad you might want to shoot yourself just so your brain will erase the memory of that day. These days suck so much ass it's like, what the fuck happened?
Examples for good ass and bad ass days

GAD: Me: I took the greatest shit of my life this morning, had some tasty ass breakfasts, got a raise at work, saw a marathon of G.I. Joe, and beat the shit out of Godzilla at the arcades today!

Friend: Damn son, you must have a good ass day!

BAD: Me: I took the worst shit ever, it didn't fully come up and I had to force my ass to keep reswallowing it, I caught my girlfriend getting fucked by my dog, fucking Nickelodeon played a marathon of Captain Planet, and my entire family forgot my birthday today :'(

Friend: Damn son, your day fucking sucked, I guess you had a pretty badass day.

Me: No dude, I had a bad ASS day :(
by ThatFaggot December 29, 2012
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