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Namely a slang term for sex between two men. The term originates from the effect that occurs amongst the scrotum of the "giver" during homosexual anal intercourse. While the giver goes in and out of the receiver, his scrotal sack will swing back and forth. As he goes in, the scrotum smacks against his partner's gooch. As he pulls back, the sack flings against his own gooch. This pattern repeats as intercourse continues, and the scrotum swings rapidly back and forth between gooches, thus the obvious reference to a game of tennis.
1. I heard {someone's name} is gay. He's playing gooch tennis with {another man's name} every Saturday.

2. Dude, you're so gay. Why don't you go play Gooch Tennis with another guy.
by RemisSenis April 24, 2008
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