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the Gooch strip is an area on a man's gooch which is totally deviod of any pubic hair as a result of having is waxed or shaved. the Gooch strip has been pioneered for several reasons.

a) To provide higher pleasure for a gooch stroker

b) To make it possible for a friend to gooch snort

c) general heatlh and hygiene of the Gooch itself

d) to reduce some of the adverse affects of Gooch Throb
eric ppaced the waxing strip onto his gooch with deft precision, a bead of sweat rolled down his face as he considered the possible ramifications of misplacing the wax strip... he shuddered as he thought of tearing his bacon strip right off. Eric inhaled deeply, and started counting down from then, when he got to four he surprised himself and tore the wax strip off "BWAAAAAAAAAAHRGHMNFT" he shrieked as the wax strip tore away each and every hair on his gooch. Eric smiled to himself as he gazed upon the beauty of his now perfectly formed gooch strip and chuckled out loud the words his Great-Great Grandfater passed to him "perfection has its price."
by The Padre October 22, 2009
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