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A gooch snort is the practice of inhaling cocaine or possibly wasabi from a mans gooch. The mans gooch will have had to be specially prepared, resulting in a gooch strip being made so that the cocaine or wasabi can be snorted without interferrence from gooch hair.

Gooch snorting is a practice common among many gooch assasins, who often snort wasabi as part of their mystic ritual used in gooch dojos.
Lester lay Stevie down and ran his finger along the freshly waxed gooch strip, "stevie love this is just perfect for ol' Les to have a quick gooch snort" he said as he quickly lay down a line of wasabi. He formed the line with his credit card and counted to three, then he inhaled with all his might, the gooch snort was complete.
by The Padre October 27, 2009
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