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A verb describing two unsightly people having sexual intercourse.

A combination of the word Goober, or Snot, which is hailed to be disgusting, and Frak, derived from Fuck, which would entail sexual intercourse.
Gooberfrak, Gooberfrakking.

See also; Gooberfrakker(s), Gooberfraks,
"Oh my god, I walked in on my parents Gooberfrakking on the couch! It was disgusting!!!"

Jock: "Hey there Nerd. I saw you get out of the car with your nerd girlfriend."
Nerd: "So?"
Jock: "Well? Were you getting some sweet gooberfrak going on or what?! -laughs and walks away-"
Nerd: o_o?
by Torphius March 11, 2009
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