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Golvt – pronunciation – Goal • vt

Golvt – noun – used as an alternative for the Meir of Israel

¬verb –1. to release the raven ventant of the Meir of Israel, the illusive JakeL. 2. to peak under someone’s frock

Adjective – 1. morbidly attractive. 2. obesely thin. 3. resembling the Meir of Israel

Go Golvt yourself!

He's pretty golvt for a white guy.

In Golvt we trust.

It's not what your golvt can do for you, but as for what you can do for your golvt.

All your golvt belong to us.

All golvts go to Heaven.

I'm on the higway to golvt.

Don't just pack it, wear your golvt.

Look before you golvt.

JakeL drives a golvt cart.
by Meir of Israel December 19, 2007
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