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Merging of "Blumpkin" and "Golden Shower" whereas the receiving party is deficating into a toilet while being given oral sex AND an additional party is urinating on said oral sexer.
(AA Meeting)

Shannon: "So Gary, when did you know you had hit rock bottom?"
Gary: "Well, you know Shannon, truck stops can be dens of pure debaucery. After downing half a dozen 40s of King Cobra, I found myself in a men's stall face first in a long hauler's hollar. The smell was putrid and of course I couldn't breathe through my mouth, lol! As he was near climax, another driver joined us in the stall and relieved himself on me. Yeah, pretty much dosen't get much lower there."
Shannon: "Wow, never thought I'd meet someone that actually had the uh, luck? of experiencing a golden blimp!"
by Boss_ASU February 22, 2011
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