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In case of a fire, or a drill, the gogonick is commonly seen with a grade book inside it's pants.
Commonly known as: lumberjack.
I was just at JPS, and i saw it running wild! It had a book in it's pants while bringing children outside!! i think it was a gogonick!
by stefff uhh neee June 15, 2008
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Thought to be a endangered species, in 2008 signs of thought to be the last gogonick surfaced. In a high school in Edison, New Jersey sightings of the rare canine were reported when one student spotted the old beast pillaging through the schools wood shop.

Note: Gogonick is of American Origin. This animal is considered very dangerous . Avoid direct eye contact.
Lonely, deprived of friends. No family or wife. Loser. I hate that gogonick.
by Mini Puddenbody May 22, 2008
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