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(Go-Go-lack-ah-foo-ee) N.

1. An African poison that is only used by thirteen-year-old-girl stalkers. After ingested, the poison takes effect when the stalker snaps his/her fingers. However, most African thirteen-year-girl stalkers know how to snap their fingers, so those girls are safe...for now.

The gogolacafooey, after the stalker snaps, forms a spork in the stalkee's stomach. Stabbing, and poking their insides, which causes internal bleeding, and the stalkee eventually dies.

2. Stupid, moronic.

3. So last week.
1. I'll get you! Just wait until the Gogolacafooey takes effect!

2. Idiot. You're so gogolacafooey.

3. Ew. Nobody wears THOSE anymore. They're so gogolacafooey.
by Rain Woe September 27, 2007
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