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They are many players (or Noobs) on either Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2 that watch over their virtual land.

They vary from being suckish to actually really good. The will proclaim to themselves or to their subjects anyone they suspect is noob or camper for possesing any weapon or loitering in a location they don't like.

But most are driven to extiction due to the rise of actual skilled players going Kratos or Perseus on them and knocking their fat @$$es off their dented cuishoned thrones. This event reverts them into their true froms, the common 9yr old whining player as he slam his controller in utter defeat.
Player 1: Oh i just got double killed by a predator missile
Gods of C.O.D (Ex:Cod432796): Effin noob, i bet you think your so dumn cool, why the heck you go after me, there were other players all around and you had to go after me (slams controller)

(please post any other players you think deserve this title,
and if your that one skilled player, stop excercising and having a life and star being a god killer)
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