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Members of a GodFrosty cult that have renewed their spiritual flame. Their Lord has forgiven them for straying from the path of righteousness.

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Peter: “What do you mean? you’re leaving the GodGobberAuzzieGob Cult. I’m the Grand Master of GodFrosties! don’t let the GodGobbers win.”

GodGobberAntiFrosties: “No, Peter! No Peter! the way is with the Lord, He said, “Go forth with truth, tell Peter the GodFrosty he may come with you if he also repents. Let him say ‘I am a true man of God, no longer will I masquerade as a GodGobberAuzzieGob, my heritage of birth as a proud British man belongs to you my Lord”.
by Sweet Mama July 10, 2008
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