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A randomly generated yet divinely inspired set of songs played in shuffle mode on an iPod. The state of "God shuffled" is attained where 5 truly great songs are played, and in the most perfectly sequenced order, from a playlist of 1,000 or more mostly ok/mediocre/passable tracks.

A heightened, more pleasurable and longer lasting state of shuffle streak.

Those who have experienced God Shuffle report that it's as if, out of nowhere and for no discernable reason, God Himself has reached down from Heaven and put together the perfect mix of songs from their iPod playlist. Then, as mysteriously as the mix begins, it can end, returning to normal iPod shuffle crapness.

A God shuffle can appear anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. The world's longest God shuffle was recorded on 27th May 2008 by Matthew Black on a trip between Brisbane and Coff's Harbour (Australia), and lasted 1 hour 13 minutes, beginning with "Pump Up The Volume" by M/A/R/R/S and ending 14 tracks later with "Silverfuck" by Smashing Pumpkins. The God Shuffle was officially over when Silverfuck was followed by "Wake Up" by Hillary Duff.

The state of God Shuffle should be respected and treasured by those fortunate enough to experience it. It is customary to give thanks to the Shuffle Gods with a short prayer at the end of the experience, regardless of religious beliefs or affiliation.

Those who experience God Shuffle commonly report a sense of calmness and euphoria after the experience that can last for days.
Jezza: Holy shit dude, Thunderstruck, Achy Breaky Heart, and John Farnham! Can it get any better?

Wozza: Absolutely dude, this feels like it could be a God Shuffle...

<She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult plays>


Jezza: Let us pray....
by Angus McFangus May 27, 2010
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