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1.) Underground tightly regimented politcal freedom/anarchist organisation, located in an undergroud secret volcano layer underneath the rolling pasture of Fallbrook. AKA G.A.S.O.B.M.

2.) An extremely potent and scrumptious alcoholic beverage created by above said group. To make, obtain extra large carls jr. cup. Add 4 shots of Smirnoff citrus, one redbull energy drink, 6 shots of X-rated liquer, and filled to the brim with pineapple-orange juice. Serve chilled.
"God's Anti Son-of-a-Bitch Machine is responsible for all acts of vandalism in Sounthern California, manufacturing of explosive devices, kidnapping, distillation, theft, raids, and other questionable activity of the dubious teenager sort."

"I love to chug GASOBM's at all times of the day"
by Spiderman & El Diablo January 04, 2007
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