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"God is Supreme" means "God is above all others". God IS Supreme, but God is NOT Infinite or Almighty. People want to believe that God is BOTH Pure Love AND Almighty, because, if they do NOT think about it, this combination of ideas is comforting.

If God REALLY WAS both Pure Love and Almighty, that would be awesome, because, bad shit wouldn't happen. The very fact that bad shit does happen, however, proves that God can NOT be BOTH Pure Love AND Almighty. I prefer to believe He is Pure Love AND Supreme, but, NOT Almighty, NOT All Knowing and NOT Everywhere. When He returns, He will straighten things out. If He was EVERYWHERE, He wouldn't need to return!
Everyone will be so happy when our God, Yahweh Mazda, returns. God is Pure Love AND God is Supreme.

"When God returns,
love will reign once more,
and sickness and death will be no more".
by Maji Thomas Abernathy July 31, 2006
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