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A Canadian Based God(dess) who spouts the truth about SJW Culture and it's toxicity. Has a 1950's Trophy Wife vibe, and is very ginger. Could be confused for Lana Del Rey
Bitch, I am Trap Supreme
by sub2pewdsnotTSeries March 11, 2019
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A blonde "girl" who claims that she is in fact a woman, while claiming that the person accusing her of being a trap is the real trap.
You're the real trap supreme.
No I'm not! You are!
by rihyonce December 20, 2017
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a man dressed up as a woman and passes as such. trap supreme like gotcha in bed bam wow penis. supreme trap master. fag.
damn there’s regular fags but ‘she’ is trap supreme
by fageot June 15, 2018
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