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Fiercely bonded, a GoPro bro will always help a bro set up their GoPros to capture their broventures. Bros always be making sick videos and sharing their gnarly spills and thrills to bros all over the world. There's an old saying that marines say to each other, never leave a man behind, there are several classic movies like this, Blackhawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, well the GoPro bro is one in the same, never leaving a bro alone with a GoPro, always there, forever, endlessly helping, the GoPro bro realize their brotastic and awesome GoPro brospereinces. GoPro bros forever.
That GoPro Bro over there issure having a ball capturing there sick hacky sack tricks with his other GoPro bros. I wish I could be a GoPro bro one day.
by NonetMinusOne January 08, 2015
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