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a Cleveland word for a female that will do anything sexual right there at the time being
(Shakria out side of the club with her girls) It's about 5 dudes outside also one of the dudes talkin to the girls and say "Which one of yall wanna golive for us" or "That hoe a goliver"
by Stacey2Cute313rd May 26, 2006
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girl that's sexually down for whatever, whenever and however.
she's a whore that enjoys what she do. with the crew or girl on girl, girl on guy. girl on girls, or girl on guys. she's just wild. she might even get down with a dog or any other animal. vibrators, tv remotes hell, maybe even a shoe. don't you love her
by gangsta_ken April 23, 2004
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a girl who will basically do anything sexual, anywhere at anytime.
"this girl Natalie is such a go liver"
by ChicKen March 21, 2004
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One whos is easly temped into doing sexual or drug-related actions: Easy.
EX 1. Boy- "Hey girl, you wanna hit this blunt wit me?"
Girl- "Yeah! OK!"

EX 2. Boy- " Yo, why don't you give me sum head?"
Girl- "Hell yeah, pull down ya pants."
by Yung_Knowledge February 12, 2004
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from "go live", as in "ready for action". Pretty much someone that's down for sex wherever and at any time. Can be used to describe
Jessica is such a go liver.
by D22 March 22, 2007
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A person who likes to have intercourse many times a day with multiple partners in front of an audience. Nympho type.
I met a go liver last night at the bar and we ended up being the main attraction at the bar.
by Gary Mills Jr May 23, 2008
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a woman that is extremely promiscuous, that does every kind of sexual act possible, and known to man. Sexual acts such as: blow job, anal, oral, hand job, ear, nose, titty fuck, cheek fuck, three some, kamasutra, menage trois, etc etc.
Did you see that bitch at the club, Trayneisha, she was doin some crazy thangs wit all dem niggas, she a go-liver!
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