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The equivalent of a time-out. This phrase is used towards a person who is negatively impacting the event you are at. It is often directed towards drunk people. It can also be used to mean that the person who is assisting you in a task is utterly incompetent or useless.
Steve: "I'm gonna fuckin' fight that fucker! He fuckin' spilled beer on my elbow!"
Dave: "Steve, you're drunk. Why don't you just go wait in the truck."


(Some friends are assembling IKEA furniture)
Mark: "So this looks like you put the plastic thing in the end with the wood thing and then tighten it with the metal thing."
Joe: "You're holding the instructions upside down, asshole, and it's called an Allen Wrench. Why don't you just go wait in the truck."
by Serequel August 11, 2012
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