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A form of hazing used by cliques in the tiny state of Massachusetts.It involved the person being initiated being led to the middle of a gross,tick infested deciduous forest,and the members of the group telling the person to go far into the forest.After a while,the person will get lost,and recieve a text for the way back.If they can make it through with no issues,congrats! you made it.

also used by popular middle school girls to peer pressure other girls into being like them.
T.T.U.Y. President:for your final initiation task,you must Go Into The Forest Or Else.
~the initiate walks into the forest for about an hour or so,and then recieves a text to come back.~
T.T.U.Y President:You made it back to us alive!you made it!
by Doing Ur Dad July 10, 2011
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