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Drinking game.

Need: a glass (or something to drink out of), alcohol, people to play, plenty of imagination.

Each person has to say that they are watching something (e.g. a movie, TV show, etc) and eating/drinking something. You have to try to out-gay the person before you by saying a more flaming movie/show and more flaming food/drink. Each time someone says something, they add alcohol to the glass: unless they do not come up with something more flaming or stereotypically gay or they hesitate too much, in which case they down it!!

Note: To create more opportunities for imagination, you could also allow reading as an alternative option to watching something

This game is just a bit of fun and the person who made it is himself gay. Enjoy.
Charlie: I know, everyone, let's play Go Gayer!

Jon: Me first. Watching Friends whilst drinking orange juice.

Callum: Watching Sex and the City whilst sipping a late

Zoe: Watching Lady GaGa in concert whilst drinking Actimel

Drew: Watching The Wizard of Oz whilst nibbling a fairy cake

Simon: Watching Legally Blonde: The Musical whilst sipping an Appletini

Olly: Watching Desperate Housewives whilst...eating..err a twix?

Everyone: Nooo! DRINK!
by nuclearsummer December 18, 2011
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